Artist Statement

My work is instinctual in its origins and process oriented; a build up and disintegration of thought rendered through mark making. I reference abstract worlds comprised of units functioning on both a micro and macro level simultaneously, reducing form down to the most simplistic unit and then reconstructing form through multiplicity.  I am interested in defining space both within and beyond the two-dimensional plane, applying subtle destruction in the form of pinpricks to the paper. I strive to achieve an integration of light as an element of play, as well as an overarching sense of purity allowing for freedom of thought and expansion. 

Artist Biography

Thea Gregorius is an artist working primarily in printmaking and paper reliefs.  Her work focuses on channeling thought through obsessive mark making. She has been an artist-in residence at the Art Students League of New York, Vermont Studio Center, PLAYA Fellowship Program and Pyramid Atlantic Art Center. She holds a BFA from New York University and lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.