Artist statement

Born in1984 in Lithuania, Neringa Vasiliauskaitė is a visual artist, currently residing and working in Germany. After completing her studies in Vilnius Fine Arts academy in Vilnius (Lithuania) she continued to develop her interest in space and its relation to the objects in it as an artistic practise at the Munich Academy of Arts in Munich, Germany. At the Academy she has recently finished a Glass and Ceramic class by prof. Nicole Wermers. Combining various shapes and materials such as coated glass, steel and printing on different surfaces, her work often moves between interior and inner world, itself repetition, creating connection to memories, nostalgia and illusion of other time. She frequently uses various everyday motives of life divided in another time and space, which even do not exists.

Vasiliauskaitė’s works have been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows in Germany, Lithuania and France. Recently she won the Art Karlsruhe Preis/2017 (Germany), the Scholarship for the Artist in Residence Programm at the International House of Artists Villa Concordia, Bamberg (GER), her works are a part of multiple public and private collections.