The Advisory is known for its client-first approach, its superior research and education services, its wide network, its discretion and sensitivity to delicate acquisitions — and an inspired eye for relevant art that will increase in value.

Our international clientele range from dedicated collectors who are specialists in their own right to those new to collecting and the art industry, but curious about art and open to discovering new artists.

We are pleased to accommodate clients in their language of choice: English, Chinese, French or Spanish.

Advisory Services

Our goal is to help you build and maintain interesting and relevant art collections of the highest caliber, to curate special projects that are visually and culturally significant, and to establish collections of solid investment value. So whether you see art as an expression of taste, an investment or both, the following services can meet your needs:

discovery — With new clients, we often begin with discovery to determine where your new piece will be hung within a living space, and how it will interact with your existing art if you already have a collection. We also examine what kind of art you are drawn to — and why. It can be helpful to visit art fairs and museums to further define your taste if you are still exploring. Once we have figured out the kind of purchase you wish to make, we can then devise an appropriate budget.

research — Our research approach analyzes value on the basis of both historical importance and investment value. We thoroughly investigate condition, provenance, history, and comparable market sales. We consult experts, library archives and, at times, the artists themselves. For nearly every piece offered, we conduct in-depth provenance checks and engage independent conservators to inspect condition. Investment value for each work of art is determined, in part, by consulting several key auction databases, looking at private sector sales, and analyzing overall current market trends. We are scrupulous about these steps to ensure that works are of historical significance, excellent quality, and solid investment value.

acquisition — We make appropriate offers according to our findings, and whether the piece is being sold directly by an artist on the primary market or by a dealer on the secondary market. Once the purchase is complete, the Advisory can work on your behalf to seamlessly provide comprehensive shipping, installation, cataloguing and management services for your burgeoning collection.

collections management — We can help protect your growing legacy, and maximize its use by tracking and documenting assessed value prior to acquisition and then reappraising works as they change in value over time, keeping close track of relevant artists' performance, both privately and publicly.  

appraisal, sales + loans  — We also provide regular artwork appraisals, especially during times of significant market shifts when we will also analyze all opportunities to loan a piece, especially when work is particularly rare. When collectors wish to part with a work in their collection, we will also spearhead the resale process. Whether privately, or through auction, our goal is to realize the best possible price for every work every single time.